A Woman wakes up in a bizarre and surreal room without windows and imprisoned by a large steel door. As the fog of her mind clears, she realizes that she has no idea where she is, how she got there or, even, who she is.

Investigating the room, The Woman is startled as the laws of reality have no bearing here and a host of fantastical individuals make their way in and out of the room through some unknown means. She meets Innocence who is also trapped within this strange Otherworld. She meets No Eyes, a woman who literally has no eyes and is clueless to any of the events, and an imposing Undertaker with his lips sewn shut. She meets Husband and Wife, a sadistic couple intent on harming The Woman. And, she meets The Man, an enigmatic character looking like a crazed scientist.

As both the room and Husband and Wife begin to terrorize The Woman, she seeks refuge interacting with the other strange cast of characters, asking them questions, often answered by riddles. Frustrated and scared, The Woman tries to make sense out of the discord, seeking to build an understanding of what is happening to her.

Gradually, The Man finds his voice, seeking to guide her not to the answers, but to the correct questions. To make matters even more curious, she begins to interact with Master and Servant, a voiceless couple that perform theatrical acts of bondage. She also meets Leviticus, a fire and brimstone preacher ripped out of the 17th Century that spews biblical verse and moral condemnation at The Woman about acts she has no memory having done. As time passes and Husband and Wife grow even more dangerous, The Woman puts the puzzle pieces together.

But who is The Man? And who is Husband and Wife? As time ticks by and The Woman nears her own insanity, she discovers the very real and terrifying answers to her journey.